Lotta Kuuliala

lottakuuliala-jpgDSc & PhD

Lotta Kuuliala is a post-doctoral researcher with a joint affiliation at the Research Unit Food Microbiology and Food Preservation (FMFP) and the Research Unit Knowledge-based Systems (KERMIT).

Her interdisciplinary research aims at answering food-related questions with data-driven methods, with a particular focus on volatilome-based seafood quality monitoring.

She holds an MSc in Technology (2012; chemistry) from Tampere University of Technology (TUT, Finland) and a joint DSc in Technology & PhD in Applied Biological Sciences (2018; materials science and food science) from TUT and UGent.

She has broad experience in food quality characterization and active/intelligent packaging technology development through her participation in national and international projects.

Results of her work have been published in several leading journals and international conferences. 

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Lotta Kuuliala


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