Mei An



Mei An

Mei joined the PaInT group as a PhD student in November 2020. Before that, she received her master’s degree of Environmental Science in June 2020 at Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (China), and now she is holding a grant of CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council) for her PhD study on Bioscience Engineering in UGent.


Her PhD research focuses on the “In situ NF/RO membrane modification for fouling control and improving selectivity for especially OMPs”. She will find the optimal polymers to be used as regenerative layers and establish a lab-scale NF/RO in-situ coating system to prove the concept for fouling control and OMP rejection improvement. This research is comprised of studies on both lab-scale and pilot-scale system experiments.


Office: 6.023
Phone: +32 (0)9 264 99 06