Faculty Research Days

Our Faculty Research Days showcase clusters of cutting edge research. The presentations are tailored to a wide audience of business, policy makers and academics.

Faculty Research Days 2021

Each day had a different theme based on the Horizon Europe clusters. This gave an orientation towards exchanging research ideas and how opportunities for future collaboration can be supported.

Tuesday 27 April:
Food and safe, healthy diets
Thursday 6 May:
Digital solutions in support of the Green Deal
Wednesday 28 April:
Animal production systems
Monday 10 May:
Resilient, inclusive and healthy communities
Thursday 29 April:
Fair, Healthy and environmentally-friendly primary crop production
Tuesday 11 May:
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Tuesday 4 May:
Circular economy and bioeconomy
Wednesday 12 May:
Land, oceans and water for climate action
Wednesday 5 May:
Clean environment and zero pollution
Tuesday 18 May:

The recordings of each session can be watched in the following playlist: