Postponed to Spring 2022: Symposium “Integrated Perspectives on Climate Change in Latin America”

(19-10-2021) The CESAM Symposium on 7/12 will be postponed to Spring 2022.

The CESAM Platform Symposium will focus on the very important topic of Climate Change and its impact in Latin America.

Apart from ecological dynamics and damages, climate change causes armed conflicts, is a cause of migration and refugee flows and puts international balances and power relations under pressure.

Moderated by Mr. Jan De Deken, co-founder of the Polar Project, 4 key note speakers will give insights on 3 different topics related to climate change:

  • Topic 1: The sources of climate change: how did we get here?
  • Topic 2: Transformative Change: a key solution
  • Topic 3: Climate Change Litigation and Rights: a social basis to get solutions implemented and pushed forward

A poster session with different research outcomes on Climate Change will be presented during the symposium.

Free reception is offered after the closure of the symposium.