Christophe Verbruggen

Christophe Verbruggen

Department of History 
Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

Phone: +32 9 331 02 76

Research themes: Identity | People 'on the move' | Education

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Prof. dr. Christophe Verbruggen is director of the Ghent Centre for Digital humanities and associate professor at the research unit Social History since 1750. He is also a member of the Institute of Public History and the Centre for the History of Science at Ghent University. Christophe Verbruggen directs DARIAH-VL, the Flemish contribution to the European research infrastructure DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities). He is specialized in the social history of intellectuals and cultural mobility in the 19th and 20th century. Other research interests and publications include history of science and technology, environmental history and the use of prosopography and network analysis in historical research. He is currently working on the history of social and cultural reform movements and the development of virtual research environments for the study of transnational and entangled history. More info:


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