Julie Daelman

Julie Daelman (she/her) is an academic assistant at the Center of Speech and Language Sciences (CELSAS; department of Rehabilitation Sciences) at Ghent University. She conducts research under the supervision of prof. dr. Evelien D'haeseleer and prof. dr. Kristiane Van Lierde. Her research topics concern the Dutch language abilities of bilingual children in Flanders and evidence-based methods to diagnose developmental language disorders in bilingual children. She obtained a Master of Science in the Logopaedic and Audiologic Sciences (specialization: Logopaedics) at Ghent University. During her studies, Julie developed a special interest in issues such as internationalization & interculturalization and health care services in vulnerable populations. After completing her master's degree, this interest resulted in volunteering with bilingual children with disablities as a speech language therapist in Sri Lanka and is nowadays an important incentive for her PhD research.

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