Layla Zibar

Layla is an Urban Researcher at the REFUFAM Project/ UGent, focusing on the interrelations of refugee life spaces domains and inclusivity in their recent geographies of inhabitation. She is finalizing her PhD - KU Leuven (BE) & BTU (DE) – where she explores forced displacements urbanism in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and how forced displacement is continuously (re)structured the Kurds’ home and fatherland geographies. She focuses on the geopolitical and socio-spatial interdependent networks triggering homing processes in Syrian refugee camps. Layla obtained her MSc from Cairo Uni/Egypt in Urban Design and Community Development and her BA in Architectural Engineering from Aleppo Uni/Syria. In addition to her teaching activities, she has coordinated several workshops for applied research projects in-between Europe and MENA region. She also worked with several INGOs & Design Studios in spatial upgrading and urban interventions participatory projects for disadvantaged groups.

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