Histories of migration and migration policy

PROTECT the Right to International Protection. A Pendulum between Globalization and Nativization?

Description: PROTECT The Right to International Protection. A Pendulum between Globalization and Nativization? is an EU-funded research project launched on 1 February 2020. We study the impacts of the UN's Global Compacts on Refugees and Migration, which are two non-binding frameworks promoting international cooperation and responsibility-sharing as key solutions to handle global refugee flows. By studying how the Compacts are received and implemented in different countries, and how they interact with existing legal frameworks and governance architectures, we investigate the Compacts' impact on refugees' right to international protection.
Promoter(s): Frank Caestecker
Researcher(s): Eva Ecker
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Period of time: 2020 - 2023

Refugee for sale. A multi-methodological research project on international refugee organizations' public communication strategies on the Syrian and Central African refugee crises (2011-2018).

Description: While the world is currently facing one of the worst refugee crises of modern times, a growing number of countries are implementing increasingly restrictive refugee policies. Hence, public communication has become essential for refugee organizations in persuading the general public and states to engage in solidarity. As (international) refugee organizations significantly contribute to the public perception on refugee crises, this project critically investigates their public communication strategies. From a multi-method perspective, we scrutinize their discursive strategies on the recent Syrian and Central African crises. Acknowledging the rapidly changing mediascape, we focus on public communication in specific social contexts. We thereby pay particular attention to (1) the production process by means of interviews with these refugee organizations, and (2) the practices of representing refugees.
Promoter(s): Stijn Joye
Researcher(s): David Ongenaert
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
Period of time: 2017 - 2022