FedDiverse - Ethnic diversity in federal public services in Belgium

Description: Ethnic minorities are still underrepresented at higher echelons of many organizations, including the public sector. This co-funded project by BelSpo and BO/SA aims to identify factors that promote (and inhibit) ethnic diversity in the federal public services during the initial screening stages as well as later career/promotion stages. The project should allow the federal public services to improve their strategies, procedures and practices for recruiting, selecting and promoting ethnic minorities. Although the focus of this project is on ethnic diversity, we will apply an intersectional perspective in terms of gender, age, job levels, contract type and other relevant variables.
Promoter(s): Eva Derous , Donatienne Desmette , Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe
Researcher(s): Eva Derous , Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe , Donatienne Desmette , Aylin Kocack , Bert Leysen
Faculty / Faculties: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Period of time: 2023 - 2024