A note from the new innovation officer

(08-07-2021) A note from the new innovation officer

Hi Everyone,

Ximena Reynafarje

My name is Ximena Reynafarje, and I am the new Innovation Officer working for the CropFit and End of Waste consortia.

I will be responsible for co-creating and supporting project ideas for sustainable agriculture leading to valorization.  Mainly focusing in four key topics: the use of organic materials for the production of bio stimulants and biopesticides, circular bio-economy, microorganisms and their secondary metabolites, and precision farming. 

I will also be in charge of proactively identifying alternatives funding channels and opportunities, working towards stimulating cross-disciplinary ventures, strategic collaboration of the university association AUGent and international collaboration. 

I am eager to work directly with Maaike Perneel and Nathan De Geyter to strengthen the collaboration with industry, visibility and networking aiming to position of the AUGent internationally as a center of excellence in sustainable agriculture. I hope now we can be more on/off campus,  I will finally get the chance to meet you all in person and visit your research facilities.

I'd like to share some details about my own professional experience. Prior to accepting this position, I did a PhD in the KU Leuven on the response of tomatoes to severe water scarcity. I have also work for more than 8 years as a researcher in the National Agrarian University in Lima, Peru in the domains of agroecology and rural development. Although these experiences has enriched my academic formation and helped me get an international work experience. I am looking forward to working in such a prestigious university and learning from all of you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly. I look forward support your most ambitious  research ventures and ideas!


Ximena Reynafarje