Convincing and Debating


Communication skills

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Members of the Doctoral Schools

Topic and content

Scientists are often in the situation that they need to discuss their findings or their need for extra funding or resources with other members of the scientific community or with the general public. The ability to express yourself in a concise and clear manner, using strong arguments, is therefore of utmost importance.

This interactive 2-days seminar with role-playing, public speaking exercises, argumentation examples and debates, will help scientists to successfully engage in various interactions with other scientists and non-scientists. Your Questions & Answers sessions will never be the same again. You will convince your boss to buy this fantastic Mass Spec. You will disarm other people´s arguments against you as you can look behind their facade. And last but not least, you will win on paper (e. g. research- and grant- proposals)!


Public speaking

- Fear of (public) speaking

- Resistance

- Feedback, eye contact, group size

Strategy statements

- How to convince that the current strategy MUST change!

- Interpretation & differentiation

- Problem, cause(s), plan, solutions, consequences, conclusions

Structuring your argumentation

- Head, body, tail

- 3 is it!

- Style figures (drag the attention)

Targeting the audience

- Laymen vs. specialists: what changes?

- Understand and address their interests


- What is debating?

- How to use debating skills in your professional life?

- Good arguments & fallacies



    • Dr. Philipp Gramlich has studied and researched chemistry at various universities in Germany, Australia and Scotland. After experience at baseclick, a biotechnology start-up and as Teamleader R&D, QC and Analytics at Eurofins Genomics, he is now fully focusing on his work as co-founder of NaturalScience.Careers. He specialises in seminars and talks about career development, leadership and gender in science.

    Date & Teaching hours

    • dates AY 2018-2019 to be announced

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    Free of charge for the members of the Doctoral Schools. However, if you don't show up or you don't attend the entire course without notification, a no show fee of 100 EUR will be charged.



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    100% participation