Permanent Staff


prof. Peter Troch


Coastal and river engineering
Director of laboratory


prof. Andreas Kortenhaus


Offshore and coastal engineering


em. prof. Julien De Rouck

Post-doctoral Fellows

dr. Maximilian Streicher
Post-doctoral assistant

Coastal and offshore engineering research

dr. Efrain Carpintero Moreno
Post-doctoral researcher

Blue accelerator project
Coastal and offshore engineering research

dr. Vincent Gruwez
Post-doctoral assistant

Modelling of wave interaction with coastal defense structures

dr. Panagiotis Vasarmidis
Post-doctoral researcher

Time-resolving modelling of wave propagation

dr. Sieglien De Roo
Post-doctoral researcher

Design of coastal engineering structures (on detachment in FHR)

PhD Students


ir. Nicolas Quartier


Numerical modelling of wave energy converters


ir. Timothy Vervaet


Experimental study and numerical modelling of combined near-field interactions and far-field effects of wave energy converter farms


ir. Maria Gkougkoudi-Papaioannou


Coupled geotechnical-hydrodynamic modelling of a monopile foundation in an offshore wind farm under cyclic behavior

ir. Joe El Rahi


Coastal defense systems based on the ‘Building with nature’ Principles: interdisciplinary project on coastal and ecology engineering and marine biology

ir. Paulino Meneses Gonzalez

Time-domain wave propagation modelling for assessing the impact of WEC farms on the wave field and the local morphodynamics and sediment transport

ir. Rafail Ioannou

Numerical hydroelastic analysis of moored flexible offshore floating structures

ir. Laurens Cromheeke


Integrated Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics platform for modelling
marine renewable energy technologies and moored floating
structures validated using experimental modelling.

ir. Nicolas Lemaire

Infragravity waves


Scientific Staff





ir. Peter Devriese


Wave-current interaction

Frans van Eeden


Rohit Kulkarni



Jeffrey Verbeurgt



Voluntary Staff


dr. Vicky Stratigaki

Physical and numerical modelling in coastal and offshore engineering
Renewable Ocean Energy


dr. Fatemeh Hajivalie

Design of coastal engineering structures


Technical Staff


Yvan Blom


David Derynck


Herman Van der Elst

Tom Versluys

William Vanblaere

Elias Hennebert




Lien De Backer


Ellen Vynkce