Reading Club: why coaching?

For whom
Secondary teachers , Elementary teachers , Employees
20-10-2022 from 13:30 to 15:00
IDC, campus Kotrijk Marksesteenwe 58, 8500 Kortrijk

Are you interested in discussing with us state-of-the-art research on "coaching.


As a design student or teacher, you may have wondered what is (good) coaching? The term (coaching) and its related alternatives (feedback, critique) are claimed to be "a public social reality where student and faculty meet to talk about Design" and "must be built together within a dynamic exchange of arguments and feedback," but perhaps most of all it is "a moment where an individual's ethos as a designer is expressed, where independent thought is nurtured... where self-analysis and reflection are mastered (Scagnetti, 2017).
Design feedback is undoubtedly "an essential pedagogical tool to promote students' progress in design, [and] yet little research has focused on what teacher feedback looks like, especially in different design disciplines," or, "the impact of feedback on guiding convergent and divergent thinking" (Yilmaz et al., 2015).


Are you interested in discussing with us state-of-the-art research on "coaching" that can help you improve your sessions with your student/instructor? ... or would you like to hear about (and share) good practices in coaching across disciplines, or/and debate the topic?
Then join us!
We have selected 3 papers to base the discussion on (listed below, free to download). Feel free to read them in advance, or have us introduce them on the day.
This is the first session of the reading club organized by the Learning lab team of the design education pillar at Everyone is welcome to attend.

  1. Scagnetti, G. (2017). A dialogical model for studio critiques in Design Education. The Design Journal, 20(sup1), S781–S791. 
  2. Yilmaz, S., & Daly, S. R. (2016). Feedback in concept development: Comparing design disciplines. Design Studies, 45, 137–158. 
  3. van Diggelen, M. R., Doulougeri, K. I., Gomez-Puente, S. M., Bombaerts, G., Dirkx, K. J. H., & Kamp, R. J. A. (2019). Coaching in design-based learning: a grounded theory approach to create a theoretical model and practical propositions. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 0123456789.  
Free, but registration via mail is mandatory 


13.30 Welcome and intro to the reading club (RC) of the Learning Lab
13.35 Introduction to literature (3 papers) / terminology + theories
13.50 Discussion on key points / personal stories / group work
14.10 Coffee break
14.20 Discussion on key points
14.45 Closing remarks
14.55 Selection of the next RC topic