Terms and Condictions Hoodie Contest

By taking part in the UGent Hoodie Contest, I give permission to Ghent University to use my name, image/photograph and destination of my stay abroad in publications and advertisements produced by or for UGent-FEA.

I also give permission for UGent-FEA to use the above information relating to me in any future publications and websites produced by or for UGent-FEA for public relations and advertising purposes.

I understand that these publications will also be placed on websites managed by UGent-FEA for public relations and advertising purposes.

 I understand that:

  • the publication may appear on the Internet/World Wide Web (WWW);
  • the publication may appear in print, electronic, or video media;
  • the publication may enable readers to identify me.

I understand that if my personal information (details as given in the first line) or image/photgraph is published on the Internet/WWW, it will be accessible to users from all over the world.

My information can also be searched for using an identifier such as my name, and may be copied and used by any other person using the Internet/WWW.

Most importantly, I understand that once my personal information has been published on the Internet/WWW, UGent-FEA has no control over its subsequent use and disclosure.