Are unmanned vehicles the future?

(24-09-2021) Ricardo Alfredo Cajo Diaz examines in his PhD how unmanned vehicles can become better and safer.

There is a lot of scientific and commercial interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Ground Vehicles (UGVs).

These unmanned vehicles are considered ideal platforms that can operate individually and collectively to perform important tasks, such as reconnaissance, surveillance, rescue, agriculture, etc. Many of these tasks involving autonomous mobile robots must be performed in complex, unknown and challenging environments.

"Therefore, the control system must ensure in real time that the robot can perform its tasks properly and in all possible conditions," Ricardo explains.

"In my dissertation, I studied and developed different control strategies - in a diversity of test scenarios - that focused on the optimization of trajectory control, energy consumption and interference suppression," Ricardo continues.

In this way, a world with more, better and safer unmanned vehicles is coming closer.


PhD Title: Fractional Order Control Strategies for Autonomous Agents


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Contact: Ricardo Alfredo Cajo Diaz, Robain De Keyser en Clara-Mihaela Ionescu

Ricardo Diaz


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