(Visual) Exploratory Search

Adaptive search interfaces which allow the real-time navigation through multimodal continuously updating linked data graphs are what is needed to make the huge amount of Big Data to be consumable by humans. IDLab has expertise in designing these interfaces but also the technologies under the hood such as search engines, semantic similarity measures, path finding techniques and recommendation systems which present the most relevant information the the end-user or to automatically generate relevant stories based on the data.


Erik Mannens, Ruben Verborgh, Tom De Nies


Dörthe Arndt, Pieter Colpaert, Ben De Meester, Dieter De Paepe, Laurens De Vocht, Dieter De Witte, Anastasia Dimou, Gerald Haesendonck, Pieter Heyvaert, Frank Salliau, Ruben Taelman, Joachim Van Herwegen, Martin Vanbrabant, Miel Vander Sande.


  • COMBUST (iMinds ICON): Large-scale integration and veracity enhancement of business data through data lifting with RML, publishing with LDF, and provenance-based trust assessment
  • HOBBIT (H2020 IA): Holistic benchmarking of Big & Linked Data approaches
  • SEQUEL (VLAIO R&D): Semantic Federated Query Engine for HealthCare, Life Sciences and Beyond
  • EWI (Bila): Large Scale graph visualization platform on top of Linked Open Data.
  • FACTS4WORKERS (H2020 IA): Worker-Centric Workplaces in Smart Factories

Key publications

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iLastic: Visual exploratory search engine on top of a Linked Data version of Wikipedia
iLastic: Visual exploratory search engine on top of a Linked Data version of Wikipedia