Smart School (2006 - 2011)

This project has ended (Duration: Dec 2006 – Dec 2010).

In this project students of primary and secondary school become acquainted with smart textiles. The schools involved in this project are all part of Pantarhei The idea is to have one large project around intelligent textiles. The different schools can work out different aspects, which will be brought together later on. Because intelligent textiles is a very broad subject, it can be used in different disciplines in the public school system. Examples are physics, chemistry, biology, but also English (student can summarize English texts about intelligent textiles), economy (students can make a cost-benefit analysis), etc.
The project consists of 4 types of subprojects, which are partly connected to each other:

  1. The development of material by the students themselves as a part of their learning process,
  2. Students demonstrate their realizations or pass on their acquired knowledge to other  students, as a part of the education programme,
  3. The development of research competences,
  4. Distribution of the results.

There are four central themes forming the subjects of all 4 subprojects:

  • Self-heating sweater
  • Textile antenna
  • Are you still breathing?
  • Measure your heartbeat

The task of the Department of Textiles is to give scientific, technical and educational assistance to the teachers and/or students of the different schools. The Department also has some material at its disposal, which can be used by the different schools for e.g. demonstrations.

Besides Ghent University and Pantarhei, also Fedustria is involved in the project. They deliver materials, organize visits to companies and sponsor different activities.



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Supported by: Vlaamse Gemeenschap - Project voor popularisering van WTI2006

Contact: Prof. Dr. ir. Lieva Van Langenhove