High Performance Materials

Research area

High performance materials are contributing to a various number of applications in areas where fibres or textiles are not immediately expected. Kevlar fibres are noticed in electronics but also for personal protective equipment (PPE).  Optimisation of these specialty fibres is a goal of the Centre for Textile Science and Engineering.  This can be done using nanotechnology when new functions are added to the already impressive characteristics of these top fibres. In addition, the production of high performance fibres through electrospinning certainly reveals new features of these materials and is a challenging research activity. The next step is research about transforming these fibres for special 3D structures or composite materials for advanced applications: light weight structures, impact resistant structures, etc.

  • Large scale manufacturing technology for high-performance lightweight 3D multifunctional composites: 3D-LightTrans
  • Boosting collaboration between research centres and industry to enhance rapid industrial uptake of innovative functional textile structures and textile related materials in a mondial market: 2BFUNTEX
  • COST Action MP1105 : Sustainable flame retardancy for textiles and related materials based on nanoparticles substituting conventional chemicals : FLARETEX

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Prof. Dr. Paul KIEKENS