Polymer Technology

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Polymeric materials are widely used in many important industrial sectors, such as construction, information technology and health care, as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Designing polymer production processes is not only needed to expand these industries’ application ranges but also to avoid the formation of off-spec material and to make sure that energy resources are optimally used. In this research theme focus is on multi-scale modeling and design of polymer processing  benefiting from the unique departmental link with industrial polymer synthesis and design: https://www.lct.ugent.be/research/polymer-design. Focus is on: (i) polymer rheology and viscoelasticity; (ii) (reactive) extrusion; (iii) injection moulding; and (iv) applications including bulk and composite final materials and fibers.

Currently, a team of 10 CTSE researchers is involved in these polymer processing oriented activities.

Polymer Technology 

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