Registration for Postgraduate Studies in Fire Safety Engineering

The program consists of 60 ECTS points, spread over 2 academic years. However, it is possible to register every year. The program starts in September, so it is advised to start the administrative procedure for registration well in advance.

The procedure is as follows:

    1. You send an e-mail to request admission to the studies, including your detailed CV, with explicit specification of diploma and possibly experience in the domain of FSE, to the chairman of the Fire Safety Engineering Education Commission (Opleidingscommissie ingenieurswetenschappen Fire Safety Engineering - OCingwMaFSE); at present, this is Prof. Bart Merci.

Your request is handled by OCingwMaFSE. In case you have a diploma that automatically allows admission, OCingwMaFSE only decides what introductory course(s) ('Steel and Concrete Structures' or 'Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer') you must attend. Else, OCingwMaFSE formulates an advice with respect to admission, which is sent to the Curriculum Commission (CurCom). The decision on the introductory course(s) is also sent to CurCom.

  1. The CurCom decides upon admission and confirms the introductory course(s) to be attended. In case of admission, you will receive a letter from the Dean of the Faculty.
  2. With this admission letter and a copy of your diploma, you can enroll. After receipt of the registration fee, you are officially registered.