08-02-2023 Xiepeng Sun wins prestigious IAFSS award with his PhD
25-01-2023 Qihao Sun is welcomed at the department
25-01-2023 The Civil Engineering Technology study programmes obtained a positive Quality Assurance Resolution
06-12-2022 FWO Senior research project for Wouter De Corte
05-12-2022 Mingzhu Chen is welcomed at the department
26-11-2022 ERC Starting Grant for Ruben Van Coile
17-10-2022 The participation of the C&E group in the 76th RILEM Annual Week and International Conference
16-10-2022 Ticho Ooms wins the Sackesyn Award for best master's dissertation in Civil Engineering
16-10-2022 Laurens De Mol and Robbe De Groote have won the Besix Award and the Sackesyn Award for the best master dissertation in Civil Engineering Technology
10-10-2022 Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya is now one of the IMFSE Full Partner Universities!
08-10-2022 Prof Bart Merci and dr. Longxing Yu organize the China Platform Academic Forum 2022 event
02-10-2022 Ruben Van Coile succeeds Bart Merci as convener of the Fire Safety education commission
22-09-2022 Florian Put joins the SFE team
21-09-2022 Ranjit Chaudhary receives Student Best Paper Award at ICOSSAR 2021-2022
16-09-2022 Outstanding poster award for Dulce!
05-09-2022 Lea Elhokayem (IMFSE alumnus) wins the best thesis award at the Nordic Fire & Safety Days conference in Lund
05-09-2022 IMFSE alumnus Haydn Lewis wins the IWMA Young Talent Award
02-09-2022 Alexander Snegirev strengthens the Fire Safety Science and Engineering group
31-08-2022 Zomerwijs in the Magnel-Vandepitte laboratory
12-08-2022 IMFSE: Graduation Day 2022 and Celebration of 10 Years of IMFSE
05-08-2022 The first journal article by Mirko Pejatovic is now published in Glass Structures & Engineering.
04-08-2022 Prof. Taerwe represents the department internationally, defining the 'Engineer of the Future' and teaching on structural fire design
07-07-2022 Our department hosted the 8th Challenging Glass Conference!
04-07-2022 Robin De Schryver obtained the degree of Doctor in Civil Engineering.
25-06-2022 Welcome Paula Zappitelli to the lab!
17-06-2022 After working hard, we relax hard at the UGent Happy Hour!
06-06-2022 Prof Merci teaches Fire Safety Science and Engineering at ESIA 2022 in France
31-05-2022 Ming-Cian Hong is awarded as a best student presenter at the 10th International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards (ISFEH10)
15-05-2022 Magnel-Vandepitte staff members proudly represented UGent at the ENGIE Ghent City Run 2022!
13-05-2022 Yury Villagran-Zaccardi obtained the position of R&D Engineer Recycling and Sustainable Construction Materials at VITO!
09-05-2022 Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering: dinner with MFSE graduates
01-05-2022 Prof Ruben Van Coile and Prof Bart Merci host the meeting of the International Fire Safety Consortium in Ghent
27-04-2022 What are we doing to improve sustainability and economic viability of concrete?
19-04-2022 Resources, Conservation & Recycling 2021 Best Paper Award for colleagues of our Department!
14-04-2022 Ruben discusses fundamentals of fire safety on the Fire Science Show
10-04-2022 Do Bamboo - UGent students build full-scale bamboo spatial structure
06-04-2022 Eline is granted the degree of Doctor in Civil Engineering
01-04-2022 International Food Fest held again after 3 years
14-03-2022 Silver pinecone for the UGent team in the 2021 Christmas Tree Fire HRR Prediction Competition
31-01-2022 Prof Merci and dr Maragkos involved in international project on fire modeling
21-01-2022 Researchers at our department are listed within the top 2% researchers worldwide
19-01-2022 Eline is awarded first place in '3 Minute Thesis' competition!
19-01-2022 Ghent University Joins Worldwide Research Initiative Led by Underwriters Laboratories and International Fire Safety Consortium
07-01-2022 new PhD position opened
04-01-2022 Zhang Yi is welcomed
04-01-2022 Wang Xiaoyun (Sean) is welcomed back
11-12-2021 Eline Vereecken obtains second place in '3 Minute Thesis' competition!
03-12-2021 Public PhD defense of Xuejiao Zhu scheduled for Monday 13 December
03-12-2021 Dan Wang is welcomed
02-12-2021 Public PhD defense of Xiepeng Sun scheduled for Monday 13 December (online)
16-11-2021 Public PhD defense of Luchuan Ding scheduled for Tuesday 14 December
09-11-2021 Rahul Attupurathu Vijayan appointed as professor in India
09-11-2021 Lien Saelens is welcomed as new research assistant
04-11-2021 New PhD researcher Yilin Wang welcomed at the Department
26-10-2021 Yiyuan Zhang is welcomed
24-10-2021 Karel Van Den Hende wins the Sackesyn Award for his Master Thesis in Civil Engineering.
23-10-2021 Antonella Cosentino is welcomed
22-10-2021 Eleni Korda is welcomed
22-10-2021 Karel and Stef are welcomed
21-10-2021 Emile Mukiza is welcomed
19-10-2021 Yao Hong is welcomed
19-10-2021 Muhammad Jeri 'Jeri' At Thabari is welcomed
01-10-2021 Louis Genovese, Master of Science in Civil Engineering Technology, wins Sackesyn Price
29-09-2021 Vanessa Cappellesso participated in the European Researchers Night (Brussels)
17-09-2021 Renewing social contacts at the on campus Welcome Back Event for the whole department!
15-09-2021 Didier Snoeck appointed as Professor at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
14-09-2021 NFPA awards study on Economic Impact of Fire to team lead by prof. Van Coile
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