About the East Asia Platform

Mission and objectives

The East Asia Platform will act as university-wide point of contact and coordination desk for all matters related to collaboration with partners in the specific region. It will coordinate, facilitate and support cooperation initiatives in the field of education, research, technology and innovation in this specific region. It will support Ghent University in strengthening its service to society and further developing its University-wide policy choices

Acting as a central point of contact, the East Asia Platform will:

  • Act as center of expertise
  • Boost academic collaboration and the two-way mobility of students, researchers and academic staff
  • Formulate advise on specific matters related to Ghent University’s Internationalisation Policy
  • Support the establishment of partnerships and offer tailor-made services to stimulate a perfect match-making of partners
  • Maintain and strengthen its valuable network
  • Form a bridge to the non-academic and international partners and organisations
  • Strengthen Ghent University’s visibility and reputation in the specific region
  • Foster Ghent University’s International Alumni Network in the specific region

Beijing Representative Office

Mr. Zhang ChiIn 2008, Ghent University – in cooperation with the province of East Flanders – established a joint representative office in Beijing.

A local presence improves the visibility in China and the wider region and enables a more efficient way of communicating with our partners. The local representative facilitates and assists in incoming and outgoing mobility, provides assistance in prospective trips and visits, maintains a large network, is responsible for the dissemination of useful information and works closely together with the Ghent University Alumni Chapters in the region. Mr. Zhang Chi was appointed as the local representative in February 2015 (chi.zhang@chinaplatform.be

Steering Committee

A steering committee, represented by professors from different faculties, supports and assists in drawing the strategic policy lines. Prof. dr. ir. Luc Taerwe is Director of the East Asia Platform and Mrs. Inge Mangelschots is responsible for the overall management of the East Asia Platform within the International Relations Office ().

Following the recent name change of the platform the composition of the steering committee will be reviewed in the coming weeks.

Guido Van Huylenbroeck Director of Internationalisation
Luc Taerwe Director, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Inge Mangelschots Co-ordinator, International Relations Office
Zhang Chi Representative in Beijing, Representative Office
Sven Biscop Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
Philippe De Maeyer Faculty of Sciences
Huang Haosheng Faculty of Sciences
Zhang Wei-Hong Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Jan Gettemans Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Frank Maes Faculty of Law and Criminology
Theo Notteboom Faculty of Law and Criminology
Ludwig Cardon Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Bart Dessein Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Ann Heirman Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
Sarah De Saeger Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Stefaan De Smedt Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Martin Valcke Faculty of Psychology and Education Scie
Danny Geelen Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Filip Van Bockstaele Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Veronique Limère Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Michael Frömmel Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Hans Nauwynck Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Geert Janssens Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Ghent University Alumni chapters in the region.

For Ghent University, strengthening the relationship with its international alumni is a priority. The first two chapters of the Ghent University International Alumni Network were launched in September 2013 respectively in Beijing an shanghai.

In the meantime, Ghent University already has 6 alumni chapters in the region that is covered by the East Asia Platform:

  • 4 chapters in Mainland China
  • 1 chapter in South-Korea
  • 1 chapter in Japan (à to be officially launched during the mission of Ghent University to Japan in December 2022.)

For an overview of the alumni chapters and the contact details of the chapter ambassadors, please take a look at the alumni webpages.

Strategic Partnership

China ForumIn 2008 the UGent China Platform signed a strategic partnership with the Province of East Flanders, the Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce (FCCC), the City of Ghent and the North Sea Port.

This strategic partnership was established to take a joint approach on the different initiatives related to the region, with a view on presenting East Flanders in all its aspects as a region for innovation, science and knowledge.

Joining academic, political and economic forces has a very strong effect in China, and on the other hand it increases and improves the visibility of each of the partners individually.