PhD Graduates - Labour Economics & Welfare


  • Astrid Buchmayr, January 2023, Development and application of a holistic sustainability assessment of energy technologies


  • Hannah Van Borm, November 2021, An Arab, a woman, and an old guy walk into a job interview: Examining explanations for discrimination in hiring
  • Simon Amez, July 2021, Scroll, study, sleep, repeat! Examining the toxic love triangle between smartphone use, sleep quality and academic performance


  • Brecht Neyt, August 2020, How decisions in school affect how easily you find a job (and a date)
  • Stefanie Vanneste, April 2020, The effect of politics on the financial performance of Flemish local governments (Vlaamse Overheid)
  • Haya Al-Ajlani, January 2020, Well-being and state fragility : a non-paternalistic approach to well-being, a conceptual index of state fragility, and their relation


  • Benjamin Schalembier, April 2019, How relative income affects life satisfaction (Flemish Government Department for Work & Social Economy)


  • Lieze Sohier, December 2018, Involuntary employment and well-being of older workers and retirees
  • Eva Van Belle, June 2018, Getting Stuck in Unemployment: Pitfalls and Helping Hands. (Université de Neuchâtel)


  • Yannick Thuy, September 2016, Age, women, and employment: an evaluation. (Planbureau)


  • Andrea Albanese, December 2015, Employment of young and older workers: three policy evaluations. (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research - LISER)
  • Jose Figueroa Oropeza, December 2015, Children's opportunities and impact evaluation. (International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, USA)


  • Corinna Ghirelli, December 2014, Unemployment: scars and preferences. (National Bank of Spain)


  • Bart Defloor, July 2013, Policy evaluation in a non-welfarist framework. (Hoge School Gent)
  • Stijn Baert, August 2013, Transitions in youth : on springboards, waterfalls and bottlenecks. (UGent)



  • Christa Sys, December 2010, Inside the box: assessing the competitive conditions, the concentration and the market structure of the container liner shipping industry. (Universiteit Antwerpen)


  • Thomas Demuynck, April 2008, Binary extensions and choice theory. (Maastricht University)
  • Arne Schollaert, June 2008, Civil conflict and its causes


  • Elsy Verhofstadt, September 2007, Qualitative aspects of entry jobs. (Hoge School Gent)


  • Dieter Verhaest, May 2006, Overeducation in the labour market. (HU Brussel)


  • Roland Luttens, December 2005, Essays on non-welfaristic redistribution. (Amsterdam University College)