Program 2022

Datastorage Applied

When:  9 November 2021

Speaker: Ewald Pauwels (UGent, DICT)

Description: In this online session Ewald starts with a short overview of the different UGent data storage options and then gives practical demos of them. He will distinguish between, and guide you through the applications for:

- data for groups

- archival data (inactive data)

- large dat a sets 

GDPR, ethics and my research

When: 30 November 2021

Speaker: Hanne Elsen (UGent, Data Protection Officer)

Description: In this session Hanne starts with some general information about the GDPR. Then she addresses its implications on your research design, during and after your research. In addition, she will answer your specific questions. Which you can already submit at registration via the question box.

Mendeley - working with a professional reference manager

When: 15 December 2021                     

Speaker: Jan Claes (Artevelde Hogeschool, lecturer)

Description: In this hands-on session you will learn how to work with Mendeley.

The session will start with a brief look at the choice, setup, and configuration of the software. It is recommended however that you try to download and install Mendeley already before coming to the session. 

The main part will focus on how to add papers to your collection, make notes, mark passages, synchronise between different devices, and how to add citations in Word using the accompanying plugin. 

Finally, we will zoom on more advanced features, such as LaTeX (briefly), collaborating permanently or temporarily, and adapting citation styles.

There will also be room for questions.

Writing your Data Management Plan: step by step

When: 14 January 2022

Speakers: Ziad Choueiki & Thomas Van de Velde (UGent, Data Stewards)

Description: Data Management Plans have become an essential part of both research and research applications. In this seminar, we will take a closer look at, the tool that is used at Ghent University for drafting dmp's. We'll guide you through the process of making a new dmp and cover all the different sections.  

How do you describe data (be it observational, survey, interviews, ...)? Where will you store and archive the data? How about the metadata? What about confidential data? All these questions, and more, will be answered in this seminar.

How to pitch your research?

When: 25 March 2022                                               

Speakers: Dietmar Hertsen & Edward De Vooght (De Redenaar)

Description: Do you need to pitch your research and do you want to actively learn how best to do so? In this seminar packed with tips, trics and do's, Dietmar and Edward, aka De Redenaar, will guide you through the whole process interactively, with precision and humour.  

In 3 hours they discuss all the most important pillars (structure, body language, visuals and language). Besides short pieces of general theory given in a refreshing way, they give as many practical excercises as possible to you, the pitcher.

There is only one rule: everyone speaks.

  • no presentation
  • no recording (watch recording of 2021 session)

How to design an effective poster?

When: 26 April 2022

Speaker: Evelynn Devos (UGent, PhD student)

Description: Have you ever considered that a conference poster is practically a billboard?

Just like a billboard, your poster should draw attention, be simple yet creative and bring a simple message across in a matter of seconds.

In this short interactive session, I will give you some tips, do's and don'ts to design your poster.

The main focus of this session will be on the content of a poster, not on how to pitch it (for a session on pitching see the SSHT session "How to pitch your research?" by 'De Redenaar' on Friday 25/03/2022).