HRM and Organisational Behaviour

The research group HRM and Organisational behaviour wants to understand how HRM and organisational management have an impact on organisational behaviour as well as  on individual and organizational performance. There is more specifically attention for the recruitment, well-being, employability and performances of employees.  Variables on different levels such as the organization, managers and  employees are taken into account. Insights into these mechanisms are useful for the HRM practice and organizational development, but also for the team managers and leaders 




Prof. dr. Catherine Apers

Prof. dr. Mieke Audenaert

Prof. dr. Smaranda Boroş

Prof. dr. Dirk Buyens

Prof.dr. Saskia Crucke

Prof. dr. Adelien Decramer

Prof. dr. Sebastian Desmidt

Prof. dr. Stan De Spiegelaere

Prof. dr. Lieven Jonckheere

Prof. dr. Malgorzate Kozusznik

Prof dr. Lynn Shore

Prof dr. Eveline Schollaert

Prof. dr. Greet Van Hoye

Prof dr. Beatrice van der Heijden

Vincent Goossens

Shana Mertens

Dr. Kenn Meyfroodt

Jolien Muylaert

Dr. Peika Li

Marie Servaes

Shaldeen Somers

Jolien Stremersch

Willemijn Gils

Scientific Staff

Astrid Cocquyt

Isabeau van Strydonck

PhD Students


Majid Ali 

Sarah De Smet

Kabelo Gildenhuys

Rolean Godfrey

Monica Inez

Elias Janssen

Hira Kanwal

Bayan Khalifa

Tom Kluijtmans

Delia Mensitieri

Neveen Mohamed

Thi Phuong Anh Nguyen

Huong Nguyen Thi Thu

Marthe Rys

Affiliated Researchers


Aimé Heene

Voluntary Member of Staff/Employee


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