Dare to Think

'Dare to Think' (in Dutch: 'Durf Denken') is the credo of Ghent University. Critical and independent brains study, do research and work at Ghent University.

Ghent University challenges everyone: Dare to Think is in our DNA and we encourage everyone to do the same. It is because of those who dare to think, who defy dominant views and strong convictions, that the world progresses and we learned that the earth is not flat and that we are not the centre of the universe.

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Durf DenkenDare to Think label

Via the flexible Dare to Think label in our brochures, merchandise, ... we make the reader think. We show that you can also think outside the box. That things are not always as they seem.

How we apply this label


Dare to Think campaigns

Ghent University often surprises with clever statements in creative communication campaigns.

Sometimes you have to start with a blank sheet to come up with new insights

In 2020 Ghent University and the GUM (Ghent University Museum) paid a tribute to the blank page. They painted Ghent's iconic Graffiti Street completely white together with street artists, turned their profile pictures and online banners blank and simultaneously published an empty book.

Every blank page, every new page, can lead to a new insight. This way, we can move from truth to truth. Everyone can experience this journey in the GUM. After all, science is a journey of trial and error, doubt and imagination.

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Prove us wrong! 

In 2019 Ghent University challenged everyone to think critically about scientific (un)truths. After all, something is true until science disproves it, isn’t it?

A social experiment

In 2018 a social experiment took place at our campuses. A crowded auditorium, three professors, full of false statements... Would you react?

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