Sustainights (EN)

Does climate news make you angry and worried? Do you sometimes feel alone and powerless? Do you want to learn more or do you want to get started yourself ? Do you want to improve the world, your campus, or yourself? Then we think you'll find your thing during the sustainights at the Green Hub. With info and discussion moments, workshops and various cool sustainability actions where we as students can take the lead and make a difference during the academic year.

Making Tomorrow: the Kick off

We start the academic year with a new Making Tomorrow. An event where a mass of students come together in the Green Hub to unite around sustainability actions and projects that we want to work on in the coming months. These are the themes we are thinking about right now:

  • Greening
  • Education
  • Animal welfare
  • University sustainability policies
  • Nutrition & food
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Events & Communication


18:00 snack and drinks

18:45 getting to know each other

19:00 introduction Green Office and other projects

19:50 join actions and projects, and brainstorm, work out concrete actions or just have a chat

21:00 chatting & drinks


Tuesday 11 October- 18:00 - Green Hub - Free of charge - NL/EN

Upcoming Sustainights for this semester

    Wednesday 12/10: 20h (Nl)

    • What: (H)eerlijk verbeeld: Naar een rechtvaardiger Europa
    • Where: De Krook

    Tuesday 18/10: 20h (Nl/Eng)

    • What: game night
    • Where: Green Hub 

    Tuesday 25/10: 20h (Nl)

    • What: Lecture Climate Justice
    • Where: Green Hub 

    Tuesday 8/11: 19h (Nl)

    • What: BeVegan: practical tips around plant-based food
    • Where: room L03.01 campus Kantienberg 

    Tuesday 8/11: 19h30 (Eng)

    • Wat: Workshop Light Pollution & Stargazing
    • WhereGreen Hub

    Wednesday 16/11: 20h (Nl)

    • What: (H)eerlijk verdeeld Cultuur
    • Where: De Krook 

    Monday 21/11: 19u30 (Eng)

    • What: Book presentation 'Regenesis. Feeding The World Without Devouring The Planet ' by George Monbiot
    • Where: Auditorium 3, Blandijnberg 

    Tuesday 29/11: 20h (Nl/Eng)

    • What: talk about the COP
    • Where: Green Hub 

    Tuesday 6/12: 20h (Nl)

    • What: FUTUREproef award uitreiking 

    Wednesday 14/12: 20h (Nl)

    • What: (H)eerlijk verbeeld: Commons in de stad
    • Where: De Krook 

    Wednesday 18/01: 20h (Nl)

    • Wat: (H)eerlijk verbeeld: Landbouw,
    • Where: De Krook 

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