Meeting and classrooms that can be booked after 19:00 and during weekends

To both reduce energy consumption and improve security, the number of buildings of Ghent University where evening or weekend activities can take place is limited to one or only a few buildings per campus. Here, the better insulated buildings have been chosen.

Campus Aula

  • Aula and academieraadzaal
  • Universiteitstraat 2 (entrance 6)
  • Universiteitstraat 4 (entrance 7)
  • Universiteitstraat 6 (entrance 8)
  • Paddenhoek 3

Campus Boekentoren

  • Blandijn
  • Paviljoen Charles Vandenhove

Campus Ufo

  • Ufo
  • T1 and T2
  • Veyrac

 Campus UZ

  • All auditoria except auditorium F en G

Campus Ledeganck

  • Building Ledeganck

Campus Heymans

  • Block A

Campus Sterre

  • S1
  • S2
  • S5
  • S9 (only auditoria, no classrooms)

Campus Ardoyen

  • Building Magnel
  • IGent

Campus Merelbeke

  • D5
  • D4 (only if nessecary)

Campus Coupure

  • Building E

Campus Dunant

  • Building Dunant 2

Campus Tweekerken

  • Hoveneniersberg
  • Tweekerkenstraat


Sportzalen HILO

Studentenhuis Therminal

Het Pand

The Platform