EOS is looking for young, promising scientists

(24-11-2021) The 'EOS Pipet' rewards a young, promising researcher. Apply now!

The 'Eos Pipet' rewards the scientific achievement of the past year, delivered by a young scientist (m/f/x). With this award, EOS, in collaboration with the Young Academy, wants to bring science and technology to the attention of the general public in a positive way. In the spring of 2022, the Eos Pipette (chosen by a professional jury) and the audience award will be awarded.

What are the criteria to participate?

  • What does "young and promising" mean? There is no strict age limit. EOS uses a maximum of 5 years after obtaining the doctorate as a limit. It is possible to deviate from this if is motivated (e.g., because of parental leave or career break).
  • The winner is employed (or associated for at least half of the working time with) a Flemish university, knowledge institution or company, or a federal scientific institution. Nationality does not matter.
  • Although scientific research is often teamwork, the 'Eos Pipet' goes to an individual researcher. If the award-winning research is to a large extent the work of a whole team, then the research leader or supervisor is not automatically lauded, but the most creative researcher is. The (professional) jury monitors this.
  • The award-winning research was published in a scientific journal in 2021, either as the principal investigator or as one of the lead authors.
  • This concerns top research, an essential contribution to the researcher's discipline, and by extension to science in general.
  • The research not only resonated in the Dutch-speaking area, but has international appeal.
  • Research from all knowledge fields is eligible for the award, including social, human, medical and engineering sciences.


Send this form before 13 December 2021 to ineke.imbo@ugent.be


  • Ineke Imbo, ineke.imbo@ugent.be