Departure checklist exchange student

At Ghent University

Visit your (Faculty) International Office to sign the certificate of attendance from your home university or print out the registration certificate via Oasis that proves your presence at Ghent University.

The result of your exams, work, thesis,… (your Transcript of Records) can also be obtained at the faculty. Normally, the Faculty Student Administration or FCI administrator will send your results directly to your university.

At the city of Ghent

Notify the municipal administration about your departure. More information about the procedure could be found at the website of the city of Ghent.

Other formalities

  • If applicable, inform your health insurance well in advance that you are leaving the country
  • In the event of private accommodation, contact your landlord to terminate your housing contract. If applicable, arrange for your deposit to be refunded. Do this well in advance and check your contract
  • Make or confirm your travel plans. Check regulations on bringing belongings to your home country. You are advised to insure your luggage before your journey and label it clearly. Check your luggage weight against your airline’s allowances
  • Inform other contacts/institutions that you are leaving (for example: terminate phone/internet connection). Check your contract for the period of notice
  • Do not forget to close your bank account
  • Make sure all library books are returned
  • Sell the belongings you won’t take home with you at ESN Gent Second Hand Market or other platforms
  • You might want to get a souvenir from the Ghent University Shop.