Global Minds Open calls

The Federal Government allocates funds, through the office of VLIR-UOS, to the Global Minds Fund (GMF) of Ghent University. GMF operates as driver of change for sustainable development, by producing and valorising relevant knowledge and expertise through mutually beneficial partnerships with and between (non-)academic actors in Belgium and partner countries.
GMF provides opportunities to the whole Ghent University community to collaborate with partners in the Global South in order to address the global challenges of sustainable development. GMF is designed as an ‘innovator’ programme that aims to (1) increase the production and application of innovative solutions to global challenges and (2) sustain, improve and expand equitable partnerships with actors in the Global South.
Here you can find more information on the Ghent University Global Minds Programme 2.0  

Global Minds open calls:

Explore and/or Valorise

The focus of this call is on proposals from Ghent University researchers that want to explore a collaboration with one or more partners in the Global South and/or valorise the outputs of an already existing collaboration.

Research or Education Stay in the Global South

The focus of this call is on proposals from Ghent University PhD students that want to have a research- or education-oriented stay (between 1-3 months) with a partner organisation in the Global South.