Horizon Europe Cluster 3: Civil Security for Society

Structure of the Cluster 3 Programme

The 2021-22 Work Programme of Cluster 3 is built around six central destinations:

  • Destination 1 –  Fight against Crime and Terrorism  (call ID: FCT)
  • Destination 2 – Border Management  (call ID: BM)
  • Destination 3 – Infrastructure Protection  (call ID: INFRA)
  • Destination 4 – Cybersecurity  (call ID:  CS)
  • Destination 5 – A Disaster Resilient Society for Europe  (call ID: DRS)
  • Destination 6 – Support to Security Research and Innovation  (call ID: SSRI)

Each destination is made up of specific research topics, which are launched as calls for either a Research & Innovation Action (RIA), an Innovation Action (IA) or a Coordination and Support Action (CSA).
You can find a more comprehensive overview of the opportunities and goals in Cluster 3 here.

Underlying ambitions and policies

Cluster 3 supports collaborative research projects that underpin EU policy priorities relating to security. As an overarching priority, projects are shaped by a cross-sectorial approach that reaches out to practitioners, law enforcement agencies, first responders and other public authorities or private entities. In addition, the cluster aims to boost the competitiveness of companies and research organisations in the EU civil security sector and strengthen European strategic autonomy in critical security areas (e.g. cloud services; artificial intelligence; EU space technologies). In order to ensure a best possible impact, projects support EU policy implementation for concrete areas of intervention, such as disaster risk management, protection and security, the EU Maritime Security Strategy and cybersecurity.

Eager to set up a project? Get in touch!

Whether you just want to know more about possible opportunities for your research or you already have a concrete project idea, the EU team provides support on multiple levels:

  • General questions about the call modalities
  • Budget check and administrative check of project applications
  • Guidance and support at the start up of your approved project

  • Identifying opportunities and Proposal Intelligence
  • Strategic networking and partner scouting
  • Screening proposal ideas and enhancing proposal architecture and content