Safety in the Laboratory

This is an overview of ways to reduce the risk of an accident and to minimize the impact of one if it does occur.  The most important part of laboratory safety is the prevention of accidents.  However, it is also important to understand how to respond to the various kinds of accidents that can occur in a laboratory setting.

Personal Safety Practices

Each individual is responsible for performing his/her job safely in the laboratory by following safety rules closely.  Please see some of the various safety issues below and follow always the SOP:

Health and safety at UGent

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  • “We encourage you to read the story of Sheri Sangji (UCLA), who died from injuries after the tBuLi-reagent she was employing caught fire.” see p29-34
  • “The Aldrich Technical Bulletin AL-134 for handling air-sensitive reagents, which is referred to in the article, can be downloaded here.”