Joana Macedo

Joana Macedo

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical TechnologyJoana Macedo
Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Gent(Belgium)
Tel. : +32-9-264.80.39
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Joana graduated as biological engineer in 2016 from University of Minho, Portugal where she obtained her Master in Chemical and Food Technology. For her Master’s thesis, she evaluated the “Kinetics of photoinactivation of bacteria in MicroCapillary Films”. In 2017, she started her PhD research on hot melt extrusion and innovative printing technologies (3D printing) at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, in collaboration with Ghent University.

Summary of Research Project(s)

Joana is currently studying the application of hot melt extrusion in the production of filaments to be used in printing. The study complies the use of different polymers and drugs, and it is intended to determine the highest quality filaments suitable for 3D printing. Furthermore, the use of hot melt extrusion in the manufacture of filaments allows to obtain amorphous solid dispersions of poorly water-soluble drugs which improve those drug’s solubility.