Buddy Programme

The faculty organises a buddy programme where local students are assigned to an international student. The local students provide a first welcome and show the international students around the faculty and the city. They are the first point of contact for the visiting students for practical questions.

Maybe you have already had an experience abroad as a student? If so, you have undoubtedly experienced the complexities of finding your way around in a new environment (where do I find the faculty, study programmes, shops, student restaurants,...?) and you know that it is difficult to get familiar with the local customs. Or maybe you are just interested in other languages and cultures, and you like to help new international guests feel at home in Ghent. Then this is something for you!

Both in the first (from September) and in the second semester (from February) many international students arrive at our faculty. They often spend the first few days searching and wondering. How do we, Flemish people, live, study and work? And what do we do during the weekends at home?

It also turns out that it is not easy to make contact with Flemish students.

That is why we are looking for a buddy for our international students. As a buddy, you help one or more international students find their way and integrate into Flemish student life.

Are you up for such a challenge? Register here.

Questions? Contact Carine Focquaert.