Student counselling for first-year students


For all first-year students and students taking one or more course units from the first year of the bachelor (BA1) (personalised learning track students and students in a linking programme).


Higher education at an academic level differs from secondary education in many ways: processing larger amounts of study material, learning to work more autonomously, getting used to new teaching methods, developing the right study method, making a good study plan, etc. Especially in the first year, this is a big adjustment and often a difficult search.

For study advice and for solving study problems, you can contact the student counsellors. They organise information sessions on study skills (study method and planning), examinations and how to prepare for them, the examination code, ... You can also make an individual appointment with the student counsellor for:

  • advice on problems related to your study method, study planning or study choice.
  • methodological and practical problems related to the general course units (faculty-wide training).
  • counselling for individual, study-related problems.
  • information about the exams and how to prepare for them, the examination code, ...
  • an evaluation of your study approach: individual feedback after the announcement of the exam results (evaluation study method, reorientation, how to approach your studies differently,...).
  • regaining credits of your study account (in Dutch) due to a COVID-19-related force majeure or other reasons (illness, death in the family, …)
  • study progress: such as filing an appeal against a refusal to enrol
  • discussing whether it is useful to redo the first year
  •  ...

A link to the university-wide training offer (e.g. studying more efficiently, fear of failure, procrastination, sleeping problems) can be found on the page of the Counselling Office.

Also the information (e.g. the week, semester and exam planner, the brochures 'Efficiënter Studeren, ‘Denk Wijzer!’ and ‘Schrijf Wijzer!’) and announcements on Ufora (‘Monitoraat Letteren en Wijsbegeerte – AX00004’ - in Dutch) deserve your regular attention.

You can also find us on Facebook: Monitoraat Faculteit Letteren en Wijsbegeerte (in Dutch).


Below you will find the agendas of the student counsellors for first-year students and you can make an appointment. Click on the date of your choice; book your appointment and confirm. You will then receive a confirmation email with all the details. 

Are you unable to attend an appointment? Please inform the student counsellor as soon as possible so that this time slot can be made available for another student. You can do this by clicking on the cancellation link in the confirmation email.

If you have a lot of question or if what you want to discuss is very complex, you can book two consecutive time slots, so that there is enough time to discuss your questions or problems.



Milena De Wael

  • Archaeology
  • Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies
  • History
  • Moral Sciences
  • Philosophy

Milena De Wael

Blandijnberg 2
office - route


Mrs. Milena De Wael is absent due to illness.

Students of Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies and Archaeology can contact her colleague Klaar Vanopstal.

Students of History, Philosophy and Moral Sciences can contact her colleague An Vierstraete.

An Vierstraete

  • African Languages and Cultures
  • East European Languages and Cultures
  • Linguistics and Literature
  • Oriental Languages and Cultures

Blandijnberg 2
office - route


Appointments are made exclusively online via Microsoft Teams. You will find the necessary instructions in the confirmation email you receive after booking your appointment in the calendar below. Of course, you can also reach me by mail:

Klaar Vanopstal

  • Applied Language Studies 

Klaar Vanopstal

Blandijnberg 2
office 100.051
+32 9 264 38 84



Nele Debaene

  • Applied Language Studies

Nele Debaene

Blandijnberg 2
office 100.051
+32 9 264 38 85


You will find the necessary instructions in the confirmation email you receive after booking your appointment in the calendar below. Please book your appointment at least one day in advance.