Graduating in February

Every year in February, an additional deliberation is held for students in a graduation year who have taken all their examinations at that time (Education and Examination Code article 62).

In this case, it is allowed to submit the Master’s dissertation and/or complete the traineeship in the first semester. With the exception of the Master’s dissertation and/or traineeship and according to the Education and Examination Code, second-term or full-year course units cannot be evaluated in the first term, unless the course unit is only assessed by means of continuous assessment and the lecturer-in-charge agrees to let the evaluation take place in the first semester.

Please note: those who do not pass the master’s dissertation/traineeship in the first semester cannot take part in the second-term examination period for this course unit, but can take part in the resit examination period (August - September).

An assessment of a 100% continuous second-term or full-year course unit in the first-term examination period is only allowed after a substantiated request by the student. Students who wish to make use of this possibility should report this to the lecturer-in-charge and the Faculty Student Administration ( at the latest at the start of the first-term examination period.