Moral Sciences

Within the study programme of Moral Sciences, you can choose from seven minors. In principle, it is not allowed to take a minor other than these seven. Only in exceptional cases and with substantiation, can you propose a minor from another study programme of the faculty.

The minor amounts to 30 ECTS credits, divided over the second (BA2) and third year (BA3) of the standard learning track. In the second year of the standard learning track (BA2), in addition to the 45 ECTS credits of mandatory course units, there is room for 15 ECTS credits from the minor or from the module Humanities and Auxiliary Sciences; in the third year of the standard learning track (BA3), there are 25 ECTS credits from these modules in addition to the 35 credits of mandatory course units.

Once you have made your choice of a minor, you will select course units from that minor. In doing so, you need to take into account the starting competencies of the different course units (to be found in the course sheets).

Think carefully when choosing a minor. It may be relevant for additional studies after your Bachelor's or Master's degree in Moral Sciences. In that case, it is best to choose course units in function of a consecutive preparatory programme. For example, with a minor in Political and Social Sciences or a minor in Law Studies, you can often count on a number of exemptions within various preparatory programmes. Inquire with the faculty of Political and Social Sciences or the faculty of Law and Criminology. There are also opportunities within the faculty of Economics to obtain an additional master's degree in, for example, Complementary Studies in Economics. So make sure you are well informed (by the learning track counsellor of these study programmes) before making a choice.

The following minors are offered within the study programme Moral Sciences:

  • Minor in Political and Social Sciences 
    There is a difference between the minor in Political and Social Sciences within the Moral Sciences study programme and the minor within the Philosophy study programme. Moral Sciences students may also choose course units from the minor in Political and Social Sciences of the Philosophy programme. After composing the curriculum, students have to indicate the correct course units and codes in the remarks field to the Faculty Student Administration (FSA).
  • Minor in Psychology
  • Minor in Law
  • Minor in Economics and Business Management
    If you have already (previously) taken ‘Economics’ in your curriculum, you will of course no longer be able to include this in the minor.
  • Minor in Globalization and Diversity Studies
  • Minor in Religion Studies
  • Minor in Education