Social media use and experience in Flanders: results from the EMSOC survey

Within the IWT-SBO project ‘User Empowerment in a Social Media Culture’ (EMSOC), we from iMinds-MICT-UGent collaborated with the Department of Educational Studies from Ghent University, the Catholic University of Leuven and the Free University of Brussels to investigate the impact of social media on Flemish people’s daily lives. Which social media do we use and how often? Can we deal with them in an efficient and responsible way? Do we know what happens to our information on social media? To address these questions we conducted a large-scale survey in collaboration with iMinds-iLab.o.

The EMSOC survey, aimed at Flemish people aged 16 and older, was filled out by 2.332 respondents. They had to provide information about their social media use in general and more specific about Facebook and Twitter use. A sneak peak at the results reveals that almost eight out of ten Flemish people have an account on Facebook. More than half of them are worried about their privacy on social media. Still, only one out of ten users reads the terms of use and privacy policy. Just over one third of the respondents has an account on Twitter. Most people appear to have more trust in Twitter compared to Facebook, which corresponds with the fact that only 16% of Twitter users are worried about losing their privacy. Only 8% reads the terms of tse and privacy policy of Twitter.

More information and results can be found in the full report