UGent spin-off Luceda in spotlight

(10-05-2021) Accelerating innovation at the speed of light with Luceda Photonics.

Photonics - the science and technology of light - plays a vital role in our daily lives, radically transforming many industries, without most of us realizing it. Consider for example optical fibers that provide ultra-fast online communication, laser scanners for self-driving cars or solar cells that generate green energy. Photonics is also a key technology in the development of 5G, data centers and quantum computing. Ghent University has a long tradition in this field, and has already started numerous spin-offs on this topic. This is also the case with Luceda Photonics, which was founded in 2014 by, among others, Pieter Dumon and Martin Fiers. "A new generation of devices is being designed based on our software, and we are quite proud of that."

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