7th Framework project

7KP | Zevende Kaderprogramma

The European 7th Framework project "Social Innovation: Empowering the Young (Society) for the Common Good" starts from the theoretical framework of the Capabilities Approach, whereby the knowledge base on which policy and practice towards "disadvantaged" youngsters, is explored both on a national and regional level. It is focusing on the extent to which the perspective of young people themselves resonates in this knowledge base.

The local case study was developed in the context of the system of part-time vocational education and workplace learning in Ghent, which is perceived as the residue of the educational cascade mechanism and pertinently reveals problems of social exclusion and exit of disadvantaged youngsters.

In our participatory biographical research in the system of part-time vocational education and workplace learning, we explored the educational careers, the experiences and the aspirations of disadvantaged youngsters from a multi-actor perspective. We mapped seven “successful” and seven “difficult” trajectories, in which we focused on how resources and pedagogical practices of educational and social welfare can possibly contribute to the realization of the “capability for education” which refers to what youngsters in the system of PVEWL may have reason to value in education.

Promoter(s): Rudi Roose
Researcher(s)/contact: Caroline Vandekinderen
Website: http://ec.europa.eu/research/social-sciences/index.cfm?pg=about