13-03-2023 Exhibition on the La Kermesse héroïque controversy in Bruges
16-02-2023 Professor Sofie Van Bauwel - Radio 1 interview (Dutch)
16-02-2023 Prof. Sander De Ridder member of the Young Academy
08-02-2023 New publication: Cinema in the Arab World: New Histories, New Approaches
08-02-2023 Film-Plateau (spring season): "Ode to the in-between"
09-01-2023 Vacancy 100% researcher at CIMS
09-01-2023 CFE for a theme issue on European cinema trends
01-12-2022 Vacancy at CIMS for a researcher for H2020 projects
09-11-2022 Professor Frederik Dhaenens gives a lecture on 100 years of LGBTQ Cinema
09-11-2022 CIMS researcher Florian Vanlee discusses issues of queerbaiting
28-10-2022 Call for Essays on recent shift in European cinema for Cinéma & Cie
07-10-2022 CIMS member Daniel Biltereyst gives opinion on the historical documentary Nelly & Nadine
16-09-2022 Professor Sofie Van Bauwel in VRT podcast 'Het kwartier' on the representation of people with disabilities
08-06-2022 Publication: 'New Perspectives on Early Cinema History'
06-05-2022 Cinéssential’s third screening/debate: Lumumba, La mort du prophète (16/5/22)
29-04-2022 Vacancy PhD researcher (recycle film cultures)
19-04-2022 Cinematek programming on the history of Belgian film control
13-04-2022 Fresh Faces: launch database young experts
06-04-2022 Second Cinéssential screening plus debate (27/4/22)
27-03-2022 ‘Nationalism and Media’ conference
02-03-2022 New research project (FWO): Media, Meat, and Masculinities
01-03-2022 Cinéssential’s first film plus debate series
04-02-2022 Vacancy 40% researcher (2 years) - Eumeplat project
08-11-2021 Luminárias film series
20-10-2021 Professor Sofie Van Bauwel has written a new book on media
12-10-2021 'Cinema Belgica' launched as an open access platform
08-10-2021 CIMS @ Film Fest Gent 2021
08-10-2021 CIMS member Ryan Brandão publishes volume on street cinemas in Brazil
01-10-2021 CIMS member Sofie Van Bauwel participates in webinar
27-09-2021 CIMS participated in an online course by the Erasmus University of Rotterdam