Agroecology as a countermovement to neoliberal expansion: a comparative case study between the Pampa-region and the northwest in Argentina

This work aims to contribute to the debate on the role of agroecology as a countermovement in the context of neoliberal expansion. It examines how agroecology can be a political response to the development paradigm in which large-scale, industrial agriculture and mineral resource extraction have an impact on both indigenous and peasant communities. For this it compares the Pampa region and the northwestern region of Argentina.

Funded by: Fund for Scientific research (FWO)

Duration: 2020-2024

Staff involved: Jonas Adriaensens (PhD Fellow); Joost Dessein, promotor (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering – Department of Agricultural Economics – INSPIRA research group); Jeroen Adam, co-promotor (CRG)