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(06-07-2021) LIISA, BEGASOZ, and ISLSSL joined forces to organise a conference from 6 to 8 September 2023 under the name The Lighthouse Function of Social Law.

The scientific congress is dedicated to the interaction between social law and other areas of law. The objective is to shed light on a broad range of subjects, the key question being the existence of a connection between social law sensu stricto (labour law and social security law) and other areas of law.

In recent times, labour law and social security law have been subject to many reforms. Some even say that this area of law is in a crisis. To get an overall picture of the current evolutions in relation to other areas of law, LIISA | Lab for International & Interdisciplinary Social Affairs dedicates a three-day congress to this theme. Can we, by looking at these evolutions, draw certain conclusions at an innovative scientific level? For instance, what is the role of basic legal principles in those interactions? Are there any recurring similar basic principles or legal mechanisms?

We invite you to embark on our journey to discover, together, how social law constitutes a lighthouse to other areas of law.

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