PhD's in progress Public International Law and Maritime Institute

  • COLMENAREZ ORTIZ Claudia (Mexico)
    European Union Biotechnology Law.
    Promotor: F. Maes, A. Cliquet (co-promotor)
  • GUO Lei (China)
    The use of Biofuels According to International Law: a Comparison between EU and Chinese Implementation.
    Promotor: F. Maes., A. Cliquet (co-promotor)
  • ROGIERS Frederik (Belgium)
    The Freedom of Navigation under Siege: The question of foreign military activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone
    Promotor: K. Willaert
  • LALLIER Laura (France)
    Legal certainty on environmental aspects of deep seabed mining in the Area.
    Promotor: F. Maes
  • LUMVUTU MANDIANGU Jean-Paul (Congo)
    La biodiversité de la République Démocratique du Congo entre le defi du respect du droit international de l'environnement et l'imperatif du développement du pays.
    Promotor: A. Cliquet, F. Maes (co-promotor)
  • ÖRENGUL Abdullah Sacid (Turkey)
    European energy policy. Challenges and recommendations for legal change and improvement.
    Promotor: F. Maes
    How to build and implement an effective and efficient legal system to combat violence (maritime terrorism, piracy, drugs) at sea?
    Promotor: E. Somers
  • VAN SEVEREN Sebastiaan
    Russian Approaches to the Right of Self-Determination: International Law as Means or End?
    Promotor: T. Ruys
  • ZHANG Jing (China)
    The right to health and nature conservation.
    Promotor: A. Cliquet