Claudia Colmenarez Ortiz

Claudia Colmenarez graduated from Universidad Latina de América (México), Law Faculty in September 2005.

In 2006 she joined ICOMOS México (International Council of Sites and Monuments) as part of the team of researchers of the San Antonio Project. Rescue project to foster an integrated development of an indigenous community in México, compelling scientific evidence of health and environmental benefits.

In 2009 she obtained her Masters Degree in Advanced Studies in European and Comparative Law at Ghent University.

In 2010 Claudia Colmenarez started her PhD research at the Department of Public International Law under the guidance and supervision of Prof. Dr. Frank Maes (promoter) and Prof. Dr. An Cliquet (co-promoter) on the topic “Genetically Modified Organisms in the EU and Environmental Liability: external effects for third States.”