Nadia Feci

Short Bio

Nadia Feci is a doctoral researcher at both Ghent University and KU Leuven. At Ghent University, she is part of the research group Law & Technology that is affiliated with the department of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law. At KU Leuven, she is a researcher at the Center for IT & IP Law (CiTiP).

In 2021, Nadia started a joint PhD within the framework of the GAM(e)(a)BLE project, which is an interdisciplinary project entailing research on the blurring lines between gambling and gaming. Her PhD topic complements this project by looking at how to regulate branded content creators (i.e. user-generated audiovisual content creators, including ‘game streamers’) in order to effectively protect media consumers – minors in particular – against harmful content on video-sharing platforms.

Prior to this, Nadia already worked as a legal researcher at the Center for IT & IP Law (CiTiP) at KU Leuven where she mainly dealt with projects related to data protection and media law, such as the SMOOTH project (H2020 EU project – GDPR compliance for micro-enterprises), the TETRA project (VLAIO Flemish project – innovating the software development process in light of data protection and privacy regulations) and the ETDSML project (Erasmus+ EU project – creating an educational toolkit for the development of social media literacy). She was also involved in the transposition of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (2018) in the German-Speaking Community of Belgium.

Additionally, Nadia was appointed as an official and independent member of the Sectorraad Media of the Strategische Adviesraad voor Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en Media (“the Flemish Sectoral Council for Media”) in July 2020 for a period of four years. She is also an assistant editor for the International Encyclopedia of Laws - Media Law (edited by Prof. Peggy Valcke and Prof Eva Lievens).

Nadia obtained her Bachelor of Laws degree from the UHasselt, in 2015. She continued her studies at KU Leuven where, in 2017, she obtained her Master of laws (cum laude) with a focus on private law and economic law. In 2018, she completed the advanced Master of Intellectual Property and ICT law at the KU Leuven - Campus Brussels (cum laude). Her thesis on “The rise of the vloggers: integrated advertising and the current regulatory framework. The case of Youtube” was awarded the Flemish Media Regulator’s thesis prize that same year.