Sidsel Harder

Short Bio

Doctor Sidsel Harder is a Danish sociologist working on a post doctoral research project in the Law and Technology Group.

She is researching digital bystanding to understand what incentivizes people to reports to hotlines for child sexual abuse material. She uses innovative digital, qualitative methods to collect interviews with people who have reported (or have considered to report) to CSAM hotlines in Denmark and Belgium. She also does visual research on sites, which were previously reported, but which NGO’s assess do not fall within the legal scope for CSAM - and thus are not investigated by the police. She is interested in how these website might point to shortcomings in the current legal framework and also if the sites can be useful in understanding how internet users navigate the blurred lines between different categories of digital sexual images.

Sidsel has previously published on intoxication and nightlife and on pornography and social media. Her PhD was a Danish study of sexting and image based abuse through  police data, interviews and surveys.

Her main research interests are sexual images, criminology, interactionism and data partnerships with public authorities and NGOs. She has previously worked in law enforcement and social work and is currently writing an outreach book on porn scholarship.