Sylvie De Raedt



Short Bio

Sylvie De Raedt is an affiliated researcher of the Research Group Law & Technology and a guest lecturer at the Institute for Tax law.

She obtained her law degree at the Faculty of Law of the Ghent University in 1996 (cum laude) and obtained her degree in the education of the law in the same year (magna cum laude). While being a lawyer at the bar of Ghent she obtained a master’s degree in tax law at the University of Antwerp in 1999 (magna cum laude). She was admitted to the degree of doctor in the Faculty of Law of the University of Ghent in 2017 after successfully defending her doctoral thesis on the extent of the right to private life in the framework of information gathering by the tax authorities.

Her research mainly involves legal issues in the context of the fight against tax fraud, taxation procedure and tax recovery.  Recently her research focuses on topics at the interface of tax law and fundamental rights and data protection law.

She is member of the editorial board of a major Belgian journal in tax law (Tijdschrift voor Fiscaal recht) since 2006 and became the chief editor in 2014. She also is a member of the editorial board of a general Belgian law journal (Nieuw Juridisch Weekblad), responsible for publications on tax law since 2002 and is associated member of Antwerp Tax Academy (Interfaculty institute for multidisciplinary fundamental and applied scientific research) since 2015 (member of the executive board since 2019).

Sylvie has been visiting professor at the University of Hasselt for several tax and general law courses in 2018-2019. Currently she is still a lawyer and research manager at the University of Antwerp for a Methusalem research project on the digitalisation and tax. She teaches registration taxes, inheritance taxes and personal wealth management at the university of Antwerp and is a guest lecturer at the university of Ghent for the taxation procedure course.