Early Arthritis Education Chair

Early diagnosis

The aim of the chair is to implement a training programme about the early detection of arthritis patients in order to reduce the gap in time between onset of symptoms and diagnosis, and thereby to offer appropriate treatment more quickly, leading to better short- and long-term outcomes.  The chair is not an initiative which exists in isolation, but it fits with a broader research context. 

The aim is to roll out a programme to trainee doctors who are treating arthritis patients. At present, there is a still a great gap in time between the onset of arthritis symptoms and an eventual correct diagnosis. This means that many arthritis patients are still undiagnosed and do not receive any treatment, and this has a clear impact both socially and professionally (absenteeism/presenteeism). It has been shown that educating care providers who work with arthritis patients (GP’s, physiotherapists, podiatrists etc.), can clearly reduce this gap.


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